Welcome to Abundant Life Covenant Church (ALCC). We at ALCC believe that every visitor whether it is someone who visits our website or someone who attends the celebration service on Sunday evening is a Divine appointment. We believe that God has already prepared in advance for you to visit us. You are very special to us.

Abundant Life Covenant Church is a result of fervent prayers of many people who interceded along with Pastor Philips Nethagani and his family . It was through a lot of fervent prayers that God lead Pastor Philips and Sharon Nethagani and their two children Charlotte Nethagani and Joshua Nethagani to start a church plant in Brampton on the first Sunday of  September 2015 in the living room of their home in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. God led them to name it Abundant Life Covenant Church according to the scripture in John 10:10 that says Jesus comes into our life  to lead our lives into a place of Abundant Blessing. ALCC which began in a living room with four people is now growing as God is adding to the numbers daily and individuals and families have been blessed through the mighty work of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Philip Nethagani and his family are originally from Hyderabad, India and God brought them to Canada in the year 2000 to attend Tyndale college ( now University ) and Seminary in Toronto, Canada. God used Philips Nethagani to serve as a Pastor in different ministry positions at various churches over the past 18+ years in the Greater Toronto area .

Abundant Life Covenant Church  became an official church plant of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination in January, 2017. You can find more details about the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination at the following websites : www.covchurch.org; www.covchurch.ca